• Safaraz Ali

    Safaraz Ali

    Author of CannyBites business books,host of Canny Conversations Podcast. Founder of BAME Apprenticeship Awards & Skills provider @PathwayGroup #diversity #DEI

  • Akaafii


  • Abigail Abysalh Metzger

    Abigail Abysalh Metzger

  • Sidra Saadat

    Sidra Saadat

  • Nadinabukhalaf


  • Atif Rafique

    Atif Rafique

  • Jacob Flanders

    Jacob Flanders

    cosmos, earth, life, thought, feeling, meaning, arts, words & some other things, besides

  • Dan Penkoff

    Dan Penkoff

    Goofy old man, father, US Army combat veteran, university student, and aspiring writer. Love my Black and Brown brothers and sisters, soul food, and Detroit!

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